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Code Query (NPA-NXX)

Query for an NPA-NXX and gain an understanding of that data from the NPAC and from NANP. nView reveals details such as OCN, SPID, locality, effective dates, as well as a detailed breakdown of all the assigned number pool blocks from the Pooling Admin. The information seen in this screen is the latest available information from the trustworthy data sources we integrate with.

Number Pool Block Query (NPA-NXX)

Find a number pool block to see the block holder, the locality information, validate that NPAC and PA have the same data, and perform a real-time discovery of ported TNs from that block (contaminant TN discovery). nView reveals details such as NPAC SPID, PA OCN, effective dates, LATA, RC, assigned LRN as well as GTT routing data. The contaminant TNs are conveniently available to be copied and pasted anywhere with a single mouse click.


Imagine a place where you can see TN ownership data, porting status, routing data, porting history, port details AND a real-time caller display name for the TN. nView is the only number lookup service that can also provide Caller_ID (CNAM) data in a single user interface. We enable the premium CNAM feature with our partner telo and their OpenCNAM product which has the best CNAM coverage in the industry. Just another example why nView is the product of the future.

TN History

With years of porting history underneath the hood, and porting history growing daily, nView has everything you need to know about current and past ports for your TNs. Our TN porting history goes all the way back to Jan 1, 2012. Beyond that our historical data on code assignments and block assignments goes way back to the beginning with Code records dating back to 1988 and Block records dating back to 1998.

LRN Report

We love to make this simple, fast and accurate. When you need to know what TN's and Blocks are on an LRN, nView comes through with the premium LRN Report feature! nView's real-time data makes managing your network assets easy.

Actionable Data

With nView, it's all about using the query results to get the job done. We make it easier to query more, copy, paste, download, and receive emails. Get the data you need, in the format you want, effortlessly.

Customize Your nView

In less than a minute you can personalize your nView TN Query screen to display only the data that you wish to see, in the order you want to see it. Save your changes and it will look the same every time. Make your own nView. It makes it just right for you, and if you are happy then we are happy.

Telephone Number Details

nView's comprehensive list of fields. Sort, filter, hide, or rearrange, you can customize your view.